Making Voice:

Women's Creative Narratives

Making Voice: Women’s Creative Narratives honours the fabric of memory, the thread of imagination and the texture of speculation.

Using tools and materials of domesticity to assert and subvert the women's work together with their written text, each participant created an artist’s book illustrating individual experiences and identities that also tie into larger global and social issues. The women artists addressed their personal stories and cultural backgrounds into aesthetic responses.

Each accordion book serves as a metaphor for the secret lives of women, who may have been deliberately silenced of purposely unheard.

The complexity of womanhood has been creatively explored through a variety of methods: embroidery, collage, photo transfer, writing, printmaking and rendering. Between the covers, are the intersectional and interdependent issues that comprise these women's experiences. The exhibit, in turn, becomes part of a larger conversation between women of their hopes and aspirations.

A documentary film followed the artists weaving a series of vignettes that tell a story of participation and integration.


Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student artwork
Student Artwork
Student artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student embroidery piece
Student embroidery
Student Embroidery
Student Artwork
Student artwork
Student Self Portrait


Making Art Making Change Student Group
Woman displaying artwork
Elena Soni with Participant
Woman displaying artwork
Woman displaying her artwork
Elena Soni and Vanessa Barnett


Eugene Beck, Photographer
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Public Library
Toronto Arts Council

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