“A Body of Work. Who Did You Invite to this Conversation?”

MAMC has partnered with Progress Place and Dixon Hall virtually since 2021. Our transition to working together was seamless for MAMC’s first in-person collaboration with our unwavering partners.

MAMC was inspired by the exhibition at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery of the work of Anna Boghiguian (78 years old) “Time of Change”. “Boghiguian is interested in revolutionary upheavals spurred by political, social, and cultural ideas in the Americas, Europe, and North Africa”. (The Power Plant Website).

MAMC provided each person with a box of artist-quality materials and invited them to think of personalities across history who have affected them or who they admire and are curious about.
After a fascinating brainstorming session, the list of guests was drawn:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Rose, Princess Diana, Rasputin, Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Marie Curie, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Frida Kahlo, Jesus Christ, Manny Pacquiao, Marcus Garvey, Raquel Welch, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Ada Lovelace, Gogoosh, Mother Mary with Child, St Francis of Assisi, Phineas and Seyavash.

Over eight 2-hour sessions, participants responded to the challenge in a safe space where each artist felt supported to experiment and take risks.

The building of the figures was accompanied by music, laughter, learning new skills, and wonderful conversations during each session. 

The participants are all very proud of their work, and MAMC’s facilitators are ecstatic about how courageous everyone has been.

 The Marionette-like figures created from corrugated cardboard and mixed media were exhibited at ArtHubs in the Hallway Gallery at Daniels Spectrum. Viewers were invited to think about the remarkable conversations across history and to reflect on the creative process the twenty-two participants experienced working on something completely new that challenged their imagination and artistic growth.

The MAMC TEAM: Elena Soní, Vanessa Barnett, and Denise Gordon. March 2024



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