Making Art Making Change is a non-profit charity committed to giving voice to communities through the use of visual arts, and story telling.

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To enrich individual lives, break
isolation, and strengthen connections within diverse communities through the creation of
distinctive, group art-making projects.

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MAMC envisions a stronger and kinder society by harnessing the power of art to open minds, break down barriers and shift cultural perceptions.

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Build Relationships

Intentionally build relationships with different community organizations to identify relevant social concerns.

Design & Implement

Design and implement art based projects that highlight existing conversations in communities.

Provide a Forum

Provide a forum for participants' self expression.


Facilitate the creative process for participants to delve into and explore the emergent conversations in a safe and stimulating environment.


Seek partnerships with cultural and civic organizations to exhibit the resulting work where the wider public becomes part of the dialogue.

Reflect & Honour

Honour the fabric of memory, the thread of imagination and the texture of speculation as participants weave their voices together.


Elena Soni

Elena Soní


Elena Soní was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Elena came to Canada in 1980 to pursue a university education and as her country descended into chaos built a new life in Toronto. As a board member of Children's Own Museum (COM) she co-designed its programming. 

[su_expand more_text="Read More" less_text="Read Less" height="100" hide_less="no" text_color="#333333" link_color="#0059ff" link_style="default" link_align="left" more_icon="" less_icon="" class=""]Elena has exhibited her work in solo shows and collective exhibits. Elena worked with artists associated with Workman Arts. This project was presented at the AGO for the 25 anniversary celebration of the foundation of Workman Arts and subsequently at Rideau Hall. Elena was the Art Specialist, Junior Grades at The Mabin School Toronto, Canada. Since 2009, Vanessa and Elena have designed innovative arts programming for at-risk youth, schools, the elderly and new immigrants in partnership with  local cultural organizations. Now under the name of Making Art, Making Change (MAMC) they continue to offer a safe space for groups to invest in a shared experience collaborating and storytelling while making art.[/su_expand]
Vanessa Barnett

Vanessa Barnett


Vanessa Barnett is an artist educator providing dynamic leadership and teaching in the Arts in teacher education, artist residencies in schools and cultural organizations. Vanessa immigrated from South Africa at the height of the Apartheid years and began teaching at the ROM and in Toronto schools.

[su_expand more_text="Read More" less_text="Read Less" height="100" hide_less="no" text_color="#333333" link_color="#0059ff" link_style="default" link_align="left" more_icon="" less_icon="" class=""]Vanessa held the positions of Visual Arts Instructional Leader and Program Co-Coordinator of the Arts in the TDSB. She taught the Visual Arts Additional Qualifications courses at York University as well as working with educators in the International Leadership Program. She was awarded The Ray Blackwell Award for Excellence in Art Education, by The Ontario Art Education Association. Vanessa currently teaches the Creative Arts Program in the School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University. Vanessa established MAMC with long-time collaborator, Elena Soní. Together they have received a number of Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council grants working across communities. with seniors, homeless, street involved youth, newcomers and Canadian youth.[/su_expand]


Marjory McDonald
Marjory McDonald


Marjory McDonald’s background in family business governance, as well as her work in philanthropy has guided her while serving as MAMC's board chair.  Marjory was the chair of the family council for Black & McDonald Limited for six years, and has completed the Families in Business Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School. She has held various leadership positions in philanthropic and volunteer contexts.

Vanessa Eckstein


Known for her passion for taking on initiatives that blend cultural awareness, humanity and a love of art to advance society and business alike, Vanessa’s experiences living and working in Buenos Aires, LA, New York, Mexico City and Toronto have given Blok a unique international perspective that has been recognized and awarded around the world.

Gill Evans
Gill Evans


Gillian Evans is a Toronto-based philanthropist and a founding supporter of Jack.org. Gillian is highly experienced in philanthropy, non-profit and charitable organizations helping them develop professional strategy, governance, human capital and operational capacities with a bias to building and executing fundraising opportunities.

Gillian Graham
Gillian Graham


Gillian Graham is a retired arts writer and editor who has worked for The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, Canadian Art and other Canadian publications. She has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University and a Masters in Art History from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Vivek Sharma


Vivek is a believer. He believes that the collective strength of humanity can initiate paradigm shifts. Before moving to Canada, Vivek lived on ships for several years working as an engineer. 

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Pamela Meredith
Pamela Meredith


With 25 years of experience in the contemporary art world, Pamela Meredith is known for collection-building, curating, and education. A personalized approach and extensive knowledge of the international art world allows Pamela to assist clients in building a collection or finding the perfect artwork to live with.

Ravit Kadosh


Ravit is a strategic and dedicated leader who brings 15 years of proven success of developing and growing philanthropic and sponsorship campaigns. 

[su_expand more_text="Read More" less_text="Read Less" height="100" hide_less="no" text_color="#333333" link_color="#0059ff" link_style="default" link_align="left" more_icon="" less_icon="" class=""]She currently serves as the Director of Corporate & Community Partnerships of Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, where she has been for the past 9 years. Ravit holds a Master of Science in International Development Studies, School of Oriental & African Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and Chinese Studies, both from University of London, UK. Ravit is passionate about advancing social change, and believes MAMC is doing important work to break social isolation and strengthen community bonds in Canadian society. [/su_expand]


Carissa Campbell 

Carissa Campbell is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who graduated from Ryerson's ECS program and is currently a student in the York/Ryerson Bachelor of Education cohort program.
Working in the Regent Park, Cabbagetown, and St. James Town neighborhoods for over 7 years, she is passionate about giving back to communities and educating through the arts. 

Denirée Isabel

Denirée Isabel is an artist, poet, educator, and dreamer. Using her textile background to create large scale installation, performance, and participatory/community art. Navigating the sticky terrains of emotionality and presence, she creates spaces, physically and symbolically, that prioritizes sharing and healing. She exhibits regularly in Toronto and Halifax.


Erin McDonald


Erin is a Toronto-based UX and Graphic Designer with a background working within arts and non-profit organizations. She approaches design work with the aim of prioritizing usability while also creating a visually delightful experience. 

Anita Chastanet


Anita Chastanet brings together her passion for creativity and numbers as a multidisciplinary consultant serving web and business needs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Mount Saint Vincent University, and has developed a strong background in web design and management.

Vittoria Natarelli


Vittoria Natarelli is a Toronto-based marketing professional with an interest in the arts and supporting local organizations in expanding their reach. 

Elisa Natarelli


Elisa Natarelli is an arts professional with a Masters of Art History from the University of Toronto. She is passionate about supporting local arts organizations with a focus on inclusivity. 


Making Art Making Change is a non-profit charity committed to giving voice to social issues within communities through the use of visual arts, mixed media and story telling.

Our experienced artist educators are committed to creating a safe and fun space where participants can explore artistic expression while developing self awareness, collaboration skills and original creative thinking. Our focus is to facilitate dialogue and collaboration, thereby strengthening community bonds and reducing isolation.

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