December 2020      Newsletter
After MAMC's success with "Women In Dialogue", Vanessa and Elena decided to up the ante and designed a new project "Artists In Their Kitchen", where each participant took a turn cooking on camera for the rest of the group. 

On Tuesdays, each participant invited us into their kitchen and prepared a recipe that is of special significance to them. As the artist cooked the rest of us interacted and vicariously enjoyed the sensuous aromas, surroundings, and colours while listening to the cook’s family stories. On Thursdays, we met in our virtual studio to respond using different art techniques and materials. 

Through storytelling, art making and now cooking, MAMC developed a culture of listening, sharing, and honouring each other’s differences and similarities, creating change in the understanding of others and our own selves.  

MAMC will publish the recipes, correspondence, drawings, paintings, sculptures and collages in a collaborative cook-story book.

On November 18th, MAMC's Board of Directors invited a group of women to join for an evening with MAMC for a fundraiser. Each participant received a box of art materials prior to the event.
Vanessa and Elena facilitated an abridged version of MAMC's workshops. 
We each shared a significant object and its story, and using graphite, water soluble pencil crayons participants rendered the objects in our virtual studio, while Vanessa and Elena gave special attention to questions about techniques. 
We shared stories, reflected on MAMC's work in the community and how our work  builds social capital within the groups.
It has been a very difficult year for everyone, and MAMC is very grateful for all the support given to us by our Board.
To the participants of our two projects this year, we thank you for taking a risk and coming on this new journey with us.
To those who came to our fundraiser, we thank you for your generosity, with your donations, MAMC can continue to make change in people's lives.


Imagine a project which brings together 12 women of diverse backgrounds, strangers to each other who come together twice a week and within a few sessions become a community, As we cook, make art, we exchange stories, laugh, learn about each other’s cultures. Intimate memories are shared in an atmosphere of openness and support.  At any time this would be a rarity but imagine this happening at a time of COVID when we are all isolated. And imagine this happening on zoom. Imagine what this means to us women.
Eileen, participant
 joined these sessions having no clue what to expect. All I knew was that it would give me something to do beyond my crazy work hours in these strange quarantine times.
 I got out of it was beyond what I had imagined. These times, outside of Covid, became one of the most difficult for me owing to my personal loss. These sessions gave me solace, peace and joy when I needed it most. 
 community that it has created is incredible. Considering that we only meet online I feel a genuine bond and sadness that it will be over soon. 
 hope that we can all meet one day, break bread together and share many more wonderful stories. Thank you both for making this happen! 
— Sheeraz, participant
 “Artists In Their Kitchen” succeeded in creating more than just connection; it created a community of accomplished women paying tribute to their loved ones, reclaiming the past through family recipes, heartwarming stories, and many joyful moments.
As a New Canadian, “Artists In Their Kitchen” truly felt like a new family away from home…

— Nadine, participant 
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