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Addressing Covid19

A Message from Our Chair:
In March of this year, COVID 19 changed our lives dramatically. A worldwide pandemic was declared: our social freedoms were cut short, and social isolation and social distancing became the norm.

Here at MAMC, we have always believed that we are stronger together. In this unprecedented time of isolation, our mission to connect people through collaborative art-making feels more relevant than ever. Despite the constraints imposed by COVID-19, MAMC is finding new ways to engage people through social media, a newly revamped website and an upcoming quarterly newsletter. Our weekly Art Prompts on Instagram aim to combat social isolation by creating an on-line forum where people can connect and share their art-making and storytelling projects.


Student artwork

Immigrant Teens & the Meaning of Home

by Judith Timson, Toronto Star, December 14/2016

For Siam Islam from Bangladesh, it was a big yellow suitcase in an empty bedroom in a house made of wooden poles. Waiting to leave.

For Reham Ibrahim, it was a delicate wire bicycle in a Saudi Arabian courtyard along with a game she used to play with her younger brother.

For Sinados Teklehaymanot, whose family is from Eritrea, it was the thought of her grandmother’s cosy big bed where she slept for most of her early childhood.


Ask a teenager from an immigrant or refugee family to depict, artistically, the meaning of “home” and you get all of the above vividly detailed answers and many more, now on display in a hallway at Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum at 77 Wynford Dr. 

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Our experienced artist educators are committed to creating a safe and fun space where participants can explore artistic expression all while developing self awareness, collaboration skills and original creative thinking. Our focus is to facilitate dialogue and collaboration, thereby strengthening community bonds and reducing isolation.

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